Oct 3

Join our new awesome Minecraft server, VcraftBros!

IP: vcraftbros.mcpro.co
Server Site: http://vcraftbros.enjin.com/
We have:
1. Survival (Stores, grief-prevention, land claiming, craft-arrows, and more!)
2. Hide ‘n Seek (Be a block and hide from the seeker!)
3. Sky Block (Build up in the sky!)
4. TNT Run (Like spleef but there are multiple levels and the ground brakes when you walk on it!)
5. Gunwarz (Shoot tons of different guns on FFA, CTF, ISB, and MOB!)
6. Superwars (Be superheros like Batman or Hulk and fight!)
7. Death Swap (You and another player swap positions until one of you dies!)

Come on! Join Us!


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Jun 22

I have been working on a 2D plat-former game called CheeseMan for a long time now,  it was  released on June 22 2013.

Download it at its official web page: www.CheeseMan.org

Minecraft Animations

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Jan 27

I did some short Minecraft animations in Blender, here is one of them:

The Live OF A Creeper.

Mar 4

The world is being taken over by the government and the Elite of the world. They are trying to set up a police state and control the population. There is only one person that can save the world … you! Make an army of citizens protest the governments evil doing. Next thing you know they will try to censor the Internet!

This is packaged as a whole game and comes with the required MegaGlest version to run.

Download the Police State – version:  1.0 -Linux

Download the Police State – version:  1.0 -Windows

Enemies and Allies

posted by admin
Jan 15

Enemies and Allies is a military based faction where you can build oil wells, make tanks, and much more.
There has been a huge World War III, the world has been hit with nukes and bio weapons. The world is left in ruins, the survivors formed clans and continue to war for the remaining resources on earth. In desperation to win they are forced to use available weapons they can from the wars of the past, to insure their survival.
This mod is packaged as a stand alone tech tree.
Please download and leave feedback.
MegaGlest is strongly recommended as Vanilla Glest or GAE might not run it correctly.

Download Enemies and Allies here.

Download MegaGlest here.

British Glest faction

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Aug 27

A British faction I have been working on for a wile, not completely done yet. It is base on the Revolutionary War.

Download 1.0 version here.

Mega Glest!

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Jul 3

We have been working on the game MegaGlest since early 2010. We added a stable multi-player lobby so you can easily join your friends on the net, lots of new mods maps and tile-sets, we now support 8 players instead of 4, there is a new faction: Romans (Made my me) has been added, and much more!

To see more screen-shots click here!

Try it out now here!

Monkey video

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Jul 3

I made a video with blender , It is my first one so its not to good. But I like it, Its called Trouble monkey: